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about me

Julian King born Julian Lennon Kanombirira is a singer, songwriter and inspirational speaker. He was named after the son of Beatles leader John Lennon, Julian Lennon, who is also an artist. Julian King graduated top of his class with an Honors Degree in Accounting from the richly diverse Pan African Institution of Africa University . At Africa University he worked with Angolans, Congolese and Nigerians in music and this enriched his diversity and creativity in the area. He has toured South Carolina, Mississippi, Kansas and Texas raising scholarships for thousands of children from disadvantaged backgrounds at Africa University. He carries a unique International sound in his music and can stretch from deep devotional worship songs to Afropop dance tunes.

Outside of music Julian King is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Business and in music in Dallas Texas. He remains a very down to earth soul. In his words he says, “ I want to inspire people to be the best version of themselves” This explains his approach to music, diverse yet always carrying a positive message grounded on biblical principles. His latest offering Rwendo shot and recorded in Dallas Texas is an undeniable jam and antidote for everyone facing depression or feeling discouraged.

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